“Harmonizing the Energetic Flow of Your Life”

Western society has placed so much emphasis on our physical bodies and how we should care for, nurture, and manage the stresses of life through healthy eating, physical exercise and routine medical examinations. Even though it has provided a template for improving our lives, we can simply look at the increasing rates of stress related anomalies including heart disease, mental illness, and cancer to realize that the boundaries of healing need to be further expanded.

After countless years of navigating the healthcare and wellness industries for alternate ways to address both physical and emotional stresses in life, I was dumbfounded by the limitations and regulations that prevented access to viable therapies used elsewhere around the globe. My personal journey resulted in many road blocks including incomplete diagnosis and treatments of symptoms as opposed to the root cause of the concern. Ironically, it would be the non-traditional approaches, that I haphazardly stumbled upon, that would forever change my life, alter my future, and define my destiny.

I created Breathe Thermae to provide effective treatments and products that I obtained serendipitously through non-conventional channels over the course of the past 7 years and assembled them under one roof to make them available and affordable to the public. The mission of the company is to provide a venue that offers preventative applications, additional options and cutting-edge products & technologies in a one-stop, spa-like setting to address wellness.

As science merges Eastern, Western and spiritual principles together by developing instrumentation and refining analytical techniques, it continues to validate what venerated visionaries have philosophized for millennia. Even as a trained scientist, I respect the more traditional and esoteric approaches Eastern cultures have used towards treating disease and maintaining wholeness. By merely applying the principles of science to correlate the commonalities between the pragmatic western and abstruse eastern disciplines, absent of bias, a universal template has percolated to the surface that can elevate us as a society and nurture our true potential. By the mere inclusion of the astral and etheric bodies, precursors to the physical body that influence and manifest our reality, we can begin to understand the complexities and subtle energetic interactions of the human mind, the complete body, and the resilient spirit that consciously and unconsciously shape our lives.

I am a living example of the benefits of applying both allopathic and eastern philosophies into a wellness program. The caveat to Breathe Thermae is that it is not a traditional spa, one that only promotes healthy living through facials, body wraps, and specialty massages. Although those treatments are beneficial, they only provide a portion of the currently available scientifically proven treatments identified to enhance the physical body’s optimal performance. Breathe Thermae set out to provide treatments that rebalance the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies while addressing not only the functionality of a few organ systems, but all 11 that comprise the human body to harmonize with the energetic flow of each of our lives.

We can merely look at the contributions of science & technology over the past 50 years as tangible evidence that boundaries and limitations are indeed surmountable. You can experience for yourself what sets Breathe Thermae apart from any existing spa by simply choosing one or several new approaches to facilitate mindfulness and wholeness. You will rapidly see how thermae, unlike a spa, provides a venue and resource to the community that fosters in a new era of self-awareness, self-care, self-fulfillment and most importantly sovereignty-of -self.

It provides me so much personal satisfaction and humbled gratitude to be able to provide additional treatments at affordable prices that have such profound effects on our customers.



Frank Lewandowski

President & CEO

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